Testosterone suspensions: Aqueous, Aqua Test and Others



This drug is an injectable testosterone in a water base. It has the claim of been the oldest such drug, going back over four decades. This product has a large following who like the fast action of the drug. since it is in water, it gets into the blood in about eight hours and is out in as little as 24 hours. the worst thing about this product is the shot that must be taken every day or every other day. For most, this shot is very painful, which makes for an uncomfortable cycle. It is guaranteed that hundreds of powerlifting records were obtained with the help of aqueous. Many championship physiques were aided by long term use of this drug as well. Unfortunately aqueous and other similar products is very hard on the system. It is very high in androgen, aromatizes easily and is hard on the liver. The prolonged use of aqueous will severely suppress the natural hormone axis resulting in serious atrophy of the testicles and infertility. These symptoms are irreversible in nearly all cases though.

Due to the large percentage of exogenous testosterone that is converted to D H T, acne and balding can be another problem. As with other Testosterone Cypionate, those great gains can fade as quickly as they come when the drug is stopped. As with every drug, some persons experience less side effects than others. A very common use of aqueous is to take it every day for the last week before a powerlifting event. Some bodybuilders find the high androgens harden them up when in contest shape. The full hard look to the muscles may be caused by the increased amount of glycogen to the muscle when the drug is administered.
Heightened aggression is a common side effect with the use of any testosterone compound. This can be enough of a problem for some that it is grounds for avoiding these items, a dramatically increased sex drive can occur during short term use of testosterones, but importance can result if the drug are used for long periods of time. Average dosages have been seen from three hundred to four hundred milligrams per week.

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