Train Yourself With Discipline

The essence of training effectively is to work intensively and progressively, without rushing, while maintaining correct technique and smooth, controlled rep speed. It’s easy in theory, but to execute it demands great discipline.

1)With the bar loaded for a work set, switch on your training mode, and switch off from your life. You must become your training. Nothing else matters now. Visualize bigger muscles and power to spare to complete your set. 

2) Perform the set one rep at a time. Look no further than the current rep. Don’t rush, and use correct exercise technique.
3) When the discomfort intensifies, dissociate yourself from it. Imagine you’re watching yourself on film. Push on. Again, don’t rush, and do use correct exercise technique.
4) Remind yourself of how much you want a stronger, better physique. Keep the reps coming. Again, don’t rush, and do use correct exercise technique.
5) To be able to train hard is a privilege. Don’t quit prematurely. Forge on—and use correct exercise technique. Intensity with correct technique and rep control are what successful training is about, not merely banging out as many reps as possible.

Never cheat, never use more weight than you can handle correctly, and never use explosive lifting. Use a smooth, controlled rep speed no faster than two to three seconds up and two to three seconds down per rep. No exceptions! Workout tape. It may seem somewhat extreme, but get someone to videotape your entire workout. Then study the recording at home. Examine your exercise technique, rep control, concentration level, effort level and use of time between sets. Look for areas you can improve, and address them at your next workout. Put all of these elements into practice, and build your bodybuilding brain, and your training will become more effective— provided that your exercise program design is good.


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