The Beginner Spinner

Five Must Knows For The First-Timer

Spinning is an awesome source of aerobic and cardio training. It raises the heart rate, gets the blood flowing, and allows individuals to work on their endurance at their own speed. What is spinning? Spinning utilizes a stationary bike that allows for an increase or decrease in tension and is often organized into a classroom setting. Often, spin classes appear to be intimidating or scary to newcomers. The benefits of this exercise, however, outweigh any feelings of being scared most newcomers have.

The Seat

The first time a new spinner spends forty-five minutes to an hour on one of the bikes, he or she will be surprised at how tender and sore their rear is. The soreness could even last a day or two after the spin class. The discomfort felt on the bicycle seat can be reduced by using a gel pad available at sport stores or discount stores. After a few sessions, the pain tends to ease up and seem less of a hindrance to the spinner.

The Bike

The positioning of the seat and the handle bars on the bike is a key element to comfortable spinning. Not only does the seat go up and down, but it can also slide forward and backward depending on the riders needs. The handle bars should also be situated so that the rider is not leaning over too much while spinning. In addition, the foot cages that surround the pedals can be tightened or loosen accordingly.

The Pace

Beginning spinners may find that the initial pace of the class is difficult. The best way to incorporate spin classes into a routine is to start with a beginner level class. Even in the entry level class, it is important for the spinner to go at his or her pace. This may mean slowing down or adjusting the tension to a lower level at various points throughout the ride.


Bring a bottle and drink it, especially when the instructor brings the class into recovery mode. It is essential to stay hydrated during exercise.

The Instructor

Unfortunately, even if the rider is monitoring the pace and the bike fits the body perfectly, the instructor may make or break the first spin class session. Spin classes, like aerobics classes come with music-often loud, upbeat music. Depending on the spinner’s musical tastes, the music may seem distracting or even annoying (as may the instructor). Do not fear. Gyms and fitness centers often offer several classes with several different instructors.

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