USANA Vitamins Are The Best

Why are USANA vitamins the best? Well there are quite a few reasons but first lets get a little background information on the company.

USANA Vitamins

USANA Health Sciences was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992. Dr Wentz is very well known in the science community and has probably affected your life in a positive way. Have you ever gotten sick and had your blood tested for mononucleosis? Well then you probably got your blood tested with the test kit that Dr. Wentz invented.

In 1972 Dr. Wentz founded Gull Laboratories which specialized in human cell culture and medical-diagnostic technologies. Dr. Wentz became an expert in growing human cells and understanding the nutritional requirements for the human cell. They kept human cells alive for decades in their labs.

Unfortunately both of Dr. Wentz’s parents died from degenerative diseases and this caused him to flip his research from detection to prevention.

USANA Health Sciences was founded with their product already developed. Dr. Wentz had the product first, and then the business followed. Through his research he came to realized that proper nutrition is one of the key factors to sustaining a healthy life, and USANA Vitamins target nutrition at the cellular level.


Manufacture the highest quality products without compromise. Products that people can trust—what is on the label is what is inside the bottle. Offer products that provide maximum bioavailability for better health around the world, and give everyone the opportunity for a better quality of life.

The USANA Difference is why USANA vitamins are rate the best in North America.

  • Voluntarily adheres to pharmaceutical-grade GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Offers 100% potency guarantee
  • Offers $1 million athlete guarantee
  • Superior ingredients
  • Balanced, science-based formulas
  • Accredited team of scientific experts
  • Exceptional in-house manufacturing

Another reason why these products are manufactured to the highest quality and are the best rated multivitamins is because of the way they are sold. USANA products are sold through direct selling or word of mouth.

These products are not sold at retail stores for a couple of reasons.

First, USANA vitamins and its other health and wellness products need a person to explain the extra quality and benefits. The products were not meant to sit on the shelf beside other lower quality products and not get the USANA difference fully explained to customers. Also, all the middle men found in a conventional distribution channel are eliminated. There are no advertising costs, no warehouse costs, no retail markups and this allows USANA to redirect all these funds to its distributors and back into research and development.

For example, when a retail store like Wal-Mart sells your products in its store it wants you to lower your price because that is its market focus, a low cost leader. Well in lowering your price to meet the retail store’s request, costs must be cut elsewhere which usually means the quality of the product suffers.

By redistributing funds back into research and development USANA‘s scientist team can focus on creating the best absorbed vitamins and best rated multi vitamins.

When it comes to vitamins its important not to sell yourself to the lowest bidder because not all vitamins are created equally.

USANA Health Sciences does not just sell vitamins. They sell a whole line of nutritional and personal care products.

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