Benefits of Omega 3 Vitamins

Why Supplementation is a Must

Benefits of Omega 3 vitamins

  • Help support cardiovascular health
  • Help maintain normal blood pressure
  • Promote optimal neural growth and development
  • Can help maintain joint health

Omega 3 vitamins are only second to the essentials, a multi mineral vitamin and antioxidant, when it comes to the importance of their supplementation. These omega 3 vitamins do have clear benefits but people tend to get discouraged when they hear about contaminants in certain fish and fish oil concentrates. That is why it is important to supplement with all natural fish oil supplements of the highest quality.

Omega 3 Vitamins

Not all Fats are Bad

You may have heard of macro nutrition being broken down in 3 parts, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats. Most experts agree that in a healthy diet, your fat intake should make up no more then 30% of your calories. Most people only think of fat as a bad thing, but there are both good and bad fats.

Bad fats are the saturated fats and trans fat. Saturated fats are found in meat and dairy products and an excess of these fats may lead to heart disease. Also, the trans fats that are found in fast foods, and junk food are very harmful to your health. These fats are associated with a poor diet and should be avoided as much as possible.

The good fats include eicosapentanoic (EPA) and docosahexanoic (DHA). These good fats are found in cold water deep sea fish. There are clear benefits of omega 3 vitamins and it is essential that we supplement these vitamins because our daily nutrition does not have anywhere near the amount of these essential fats that we need to live an optimal healthy lifestyle.

When was the last time you ate fish?

If you can’t remember then you are probably not getting enough good fats through your diet. If you don’t eat fish at least once a week then supplementation is the only way to get the essential fats you need to be healthy. It’s not recommended to only eat fish once a week and not supplement with omega 3 vitamins, it is just a clear example that most people are not getting the good fats through their diet.

Now you know the benefits of Omega 3 vitamins, so what can you do about it?

Easy Ways to Increase your Health

Apart from increasing your water intake and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, supplementation with a daily vitamin and omega 3 vitamins is the easiest and most beneficial way to increase your health.

How easy is that?

Eat more fruit and vegetables, and take your supplements everyday.

That’s simple, the only problem is that not all vitamins are created equally, and most don’t have anywhere near the amount of ingredients and ratios to maintain optimal health.

These benefits of omega 3 vitamins can be easily obtained if they are supplemented with pharmaceutical graded products and products that have a potency guarantee.

It was mentioned earlier that with regards to fish oil supplements it is important to take supplements that are very high in quality and are free of contaminants.

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